Looking to take your beach-going activities to the next level? Enter the human-powered Aquaskipper – a folding, featherlight watercraft that can reach speeds of 17 mph depending on how feverishly its rider can hop up and down. The Aquaskipper’s hydrofoil frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a fiberglass spring that transforms a rider’s hopping motion into forward thrust. Because hydrofoils have very little drag and are typically low weight, the Aquaskipper weighs a manageable 26 pounds – and it can even collapse into a not-so-summery grey tote bag.


This rather unconventional watersport has gained a large following in Germany and it was even given the BrandNew sports award in Munich. It also received a great deal of television attention when networks like HGTV, MTV, CBS, and the Discovery Channel aired the new invention. While the Aquaskipper might still be an unknown gem to the public at large, we hope this jumpy sensation will continue garnering attention. Perhaps the watery canals of Venice, Italy could use an Aquaskipper-sharing program?

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