One of the top urban gardening solutions to debut at ICFF this year is the modular KiGA by Hurbz Vegetable Spirit. Designed as a kitchen garden for urban homes, the four different modules can be configured two ways — either lining a wall or grouped together in a cluster. The four-level garden brings the benefit fresh vegetables and herbs to any household with ease and style, to fit any space.

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KiGA’s modular kitchen gardens enable users to plant a variety of their favorite herbs and veggies in small spaces. The tallest unit is four feet, which is high enough for sunlight even behind a railing. Each of the four legs acts as a drainage and irrigation system, lined with a natural  filter that cleans excess water. After watering plants, the geotextile fitted into the legs filter waste water, so it flows clean and clear.

The four levels are also designed to fit inside each another, making for easy storage in a minimal, rectangular shape. The design cuts down on shipping costs and lets Hurbz ship the KiGA more efficiently.

Would-be urban gardeners with no gardening experience can take advantage of Hurbz’ free mobile app, which gives iPhone and Android users seasonal gardening tips, advice and even in-depth instruction. The KiGA modular garden takes the guesswork out of growing fresh veggies in the city.

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Images © Lori Zimmer and Mike Chino for Inhabitat