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Perched atop a penthouse, Hut on the Roof can be constructed virtually anywhere. The rough-hewn wooden planks evoke a cabin in the forest, without leaving the city. Surrounded by brick and concrete structures, the Hut gives a contrast with its timber interior and exterior, its materials itself transporting the user to another state of mind. The hut’s positioning in between the two existing brick roof structures give it a cozy and protected feel, which are akin to the feeling of a retreat. It also gives the owners even more privacy, although already isolated on the roof top.

Inside the hut has all the makings of a remote cabin.  A wood burning stove keeps the room cozy while also providing heat and a place for cooking. Solar panels power the hut while sheep’s wool insulation sustainably blocks solar gain and keeps the interior warm during colder months.

The defining feature of the hut may be the retractable glass roof, which not only pours daylight in, but also opens to flood in fresh air.

The cherry veneer rooftop cabin is enjoyed as a second kitchen and meeting place for its residents, but Hut Architecture’s Hut on the Roof model has seemingly endless possibilities for a serene urban retreat.

+ Hut Architecture

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