We’ve covered plenty of water purification systems. But in a world where one billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water, we can always use new ones. Enter the HYDRA, a solar-powered hydrogen fuel cell system that can reportedly generate 20,000 gallons of pure water a day, effectively store electricity and even make medical-grade oxygen. The company behind the product claims that HYDRA is the first of its kind.

Unlike mobile water purification systems that rely on low-efficiency solar panels and dirty diesel fuel, the HYDRA can store clean energy for long periods of time–all without toxic fumes and the risk of water and soil contamination. Perhaps best of all, the HYDRA can easily be delivered to the locations that need it the most. The device can be dropped by parachute, flown by helicopter, or shipped on the back of a truck.

No word on pricing or when HYDRA will be released, but we’re hoping that it is relatively affordable–otherwise, it can’t ever that be useful to disaster-stricken locales.

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