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Hot tubs can utilize hundreds of gallons of water, need regular maintenance, and require the use of often-harsh chemicals – not so easy on the environment or the user. The durable Hydro Hammock, however, only needs 20 gallons for a top quality bath, yet can hold up to 50 gallons and the weight of two adults for stellar hot-tub-style relaxation. The optional LPG gas or electric water heater provides the warmth, and is so compact it can be checked on a plane. The designers hope to release a solar water heater model soon, for extra enviro-friendly points.

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Not only can the Hydro Hammock be suspended in the air, it can also fit into pockets in the snow or sand, making for a family fun day at the beach or up in the mountains. The multi-functionality does not stop there, as it can also be converted into an outdoor shower unit, boasting an incredibly efficient 2 hour shower which uses less than 3 gallons of water. The designers currently have a Kickstarter campaign and are well on their way to meeting their goal to advance their products, yet you can snag one of their models on their website right now.

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