What if you had a swimming pool that could change shape according to your needs? Enter the Hydrofloor, a multitasking pool floor that can actually rise and lower to different levels. The pool can even disappear entirely to form a floor! This neat disappearing trick is also a huge energy saver, as the pool water is insulated and retains heat when not in use.

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The design is basically a custom ceramic floor that is set on a metal grid. As the grid lowers water seeps in from slots on the sides. The pool can be set at various levels for wading, laps or even diving. Setting it at a shallow level is great for kids. When a party erupts, the pool disappears to make room for a dance floor.

Since pools are notorious energy hogs, the floor also acts as a pool cover, eliminating lost energy from evaporation and adding some insulation. Hook it up to a solar thermal panel and you are getting pretty close to a sustainable swim.

Before you knock it as just a rich person’s toy, think of all the clubhouses and workout centers that could save a bundle on energy while doubling their indoor space for multiple functions.


Spaces that serve multiple functions save on building materials and land use, as well as the energy needed to maintain additional space. The Hydrofloor technology saves energy while creating a safer environment for children.

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