Smartphones are life-changing, but their tendency to lose juice so fast is infuriating. Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell charger answers the prayers of frustrated smartphone users everywhere. The new device can keep an iPhone charged for up to seven days. By shrinking technology used to fuel eco-friendly cars, the company has created a pocket-size prototype that can fit inside an iPhone 6.

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While there hasn’t been confirmation that Apple is in talks with them for future production, the implications for iUsers everywhere is so very exciting. The battery has been developed to combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce energy, with only water vapor and heat as its byproducts. The unit even fits so nicely in an iPhone 6 that the only alterations needed are some ventilation holes so water vapor can escape. The charger can be refueled with hydrogen gas through an adapted headphone socket.

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Intelligent Energy isn’t new to the game of improving the life of consumer electronics. Chief executive Henri Winand told Telegraph, “To our knowledge this has never been done before,” in reference to the super-thin charger, yet the company won an gold Edison award for its development of the Upp external charger.

The Upp, available for purchase at $234, is essentially an older generation hydrogen fuel cell battery, a tad larger than the smartphone itself, and holds five full smartphone charges in a single unit. The company is also developing larger hydrogen fuel cell-powered electronics, such as laptops. Intelligent Energy has a lot in store for consumers, keeping us all on our toes and ready to ditch chargers that tether us to wall outlets.

Via Daily Mail

Lead image via Shutterstock; others via Flickr, Intelligent Energy