Have you ever wondered why all gas stations look exactly the same? Despite the inconvenience of getting in and out of them (especially Arco), the design of gas stations is based on a prototype that hasn’t changed in 60 years. Now finally, inspired by the possibilities of future-forward fuel, architect Alan Eliot Goldberg is trying to change this.

Goldberg has proposed the Advance Refueling Retail Center (ARRC) as a design for a new generation of service stations which will heighten the public’s awareness and acceptance of hydrogen as a clean, safe, renewable energy.

The design of the ARRC aims at changing the layout of the ordinary gas station. Goldberg was a design consultant for Mobil Oil Corporation for roughly 25 years, so the man knows his gas-station design – and he knows what can be done to update it for maximum efficiency. The new radial layout will provide for a more consumer-friendly environment and a more easily accessible dispenser for faster refueling.


This new service station strives to be green, utilizing environmentally sustainable construction, solar power and a completely automated irrigation system for the landscaped area (that takes up more than half of the station creating a mini park setting).

Last month, at the Center for Architecture in New York City, the ARRC/H2 alliance officially launched along with their Information Center which displays a hydrogen car and an exhibit to promote public awareness regarding hydrogen fuels.

If only architecture and the transportation infrastructure got together more often…

+ AARC/H2 Alliance
+ Center for Architecture