Hydrogen peroxide is best known for its properties as a hair dye and disinfectant, but it might just power the next generation of drag racers as well. Unlike expensive hydrogen fuel cell and electric-powered cars, h202-powered vehicles are both cheap (hydrogen peroxide is just water with an extra oxygen molecule) and fast — drag racers powered by the stuff can quickly reach speeds of 450 mph!

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H202 has been used as a fuel source for rockets and submarines since World War 2, but the substance has only recently begun to be used in vehicles. Hydrogen peroxide-powered cars work when h202 is flooded into a chamber filled with silver or platinum screens. When the substance hits the screens, energy is released out of the back of the vehicle.

With benign emissions consisting of oxygen, water, and heat, there is little reason that h202 shouldn’t catch on as a fuel. True, the giant steam cloud left in an h202-powered vehicle’s wake means that the fuel isn’t ideal for highway driving, but it is still a possibility for the gas-guzzling racing world.

Examiner via Ecofriend