From cars to prefabs and some slightly greener gadgets, CES gave us plenty of things to marvel at this year. One of the most impressive in terms of future-forward innovation was the Motoslvr cell phone outfitted with Angstrom Power’s hydrogen fuel cell. With Angstrom’s new fuel cell technology, you are able to get the same sleek package as a regular cellphone, but the charge last more than twice as long on a charge time as short as ten minutes! Hydrogen mobile phones? That’s something to get excited about!

Whenever a cell phone with a fuel cell has been shown to the public, one could see the slightly bulkier fuel cell sticking out from the thin shape of the mobile phone. What Angstrom has done, with its Micro Hydrogen platform, is take that same fuel cell, and reduce it to the size of a regular battery. The hydrogen powered cell phone in your pocket will be as thin and as light as always. Angstrom Power’s prototype fuel cell lasts for twice as long as the standard lithium-ion battery that is used in all of these devices. And, as if that wasn’t enough, the charging time for the mobile device can be as little as 10 minutes.

There are still hurdles that need to be solved. For one, hydrogen refueling stations aren’t even close to being available in most places in the world. And then there is the issue of safety, though the company claims that the battery is perfectly safe. There is real interest by the major manufacturers, and if all goes well, expect to see them by 2010.

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