Elon Musk’s recently-announced Hyperloop transportation system has just edged one step closer to reality with two high-profile engineers now backing a crowdsourced, crowdfunded project to get it up and running. Leading the effort to make Musk’s ambitious concept a reality are Marco Villa, the former director of mission operations at Space X, and Patricia Galloway, the first female President of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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The Hyperloop project has been the focus of a good amount of criticism and controversy, inspiring debate about how it will work or if it’s even possible to develop. Galloway dismisses these concerns in a recent interview with Forbes saying that while the project will be challenging, her goal is to make it “inevitable;” not only is she prepared to prove that the Hyperloop concept is feasible and cost-effective, but also that the world is ready for super high-speed rail.

At the moment, Galloway and Villa are laying the groundwork necessary to form a company that will develop the Hyperloop. They are initially concerned with doing the research necessary to overcome the physical and technological challenges the project poses. They’re also looking for interested volunteers with expertise in areas ranging from propulsion engineering to tunnel boring, who would like to commit their intellectual resources in exchange for equity.

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