One of the reasons that the solar power industry has yet to dominate the energy market is due to its relatively low efficiency. However, that could soon change with HyperSolar’s magnifying film, which can increase the efficiency of solar panels by up to 300%.

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While the amount of the world’s solar power is expected to grow from 16 gigawatts to 1,800 gigawatts over the next 20 years, solar manufacturers are doing everything they can to make the technology as cheap and efficient as possible. In HyperSolar’s case, they are researching photonics, which is similar to microchip technology.

Instead of moving pieces of data around a super speeds, photonics magnifies and separates light spectrums, delivering them exactly where they’re needed to make an array of PV solar cells ultra-efficient. This optical layer has the potential to increase PV efficiency by up to 300%. Not only does this reduce the cost of solar arrays, but it allows companies to make their investment back much quicker. If the technology is embraced by the public, it has the potential to transform how solar power is used in the public domain.

With innovations like this, maybe the world can wean itself off its fossil fuel addiction, and maybe the US can meet its aim of being 100% renewable by 2040.

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