Hyundai isn’t joking when it claims it wants to fight global warming. The car manufacturer just announced that it plans to install what will be South Korea’s largest solar photovoltaic system on the rooftops of its plant in Asan. Working with thermal power company Korea Midland Power Ltd. (KOMIPO), Hyundai plans to install 40,000 solar photovoltaic modules on the rooftops of the plant’s press, welding, assembly and engine buildings by the end of the year. The giant rooftop solar plant will curb 5,600 tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of planting 1.12 million pine trees.

The system will cover a whopping 2.2 million square feet, or about 50 acres of rooftop. Its peak capacity will be 10MW, and will supply 11.5 million kWh of electricity – enough to power 3,200 homes. Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) will purchase the electricity produced at the solar plant and sell it back to areas near the plant, including the city of Asan.

There are several ways that Hyundai is multiplying the green benefits of this new solar installation. Hyundai manufactures the Sonata Hybrid in this plant, and 100% of the plant will be built on existing rooftops, so it won’t require any additional land or cause environmental problems. Lastly, the sprinklers used to cool the solar modules will also help the cool indoor temperatures during hot seasons, reducing the demand for air conditioning.

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