Hyundai just unveiled their latest ‘green’ muscle car at the Seoul Auto Show – the Blue2 hydrogen hybrid! The sleek, futuristic sedan combines the company’s “Blue Drive” design with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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The Blue2 — read as “Blue Squared” — is driven by hydrogen technology that produces only water and heat as by-products. The car also has some impressive stats: the hydrogen fuel stack produces 90 kW (1.65 kW/L) of power, and the hybrid is able to get 34.9 kilometers per liter — the equivalent of 82 mpg.

The Blue2 has also been designed with low-resistance tires and alloy wheels in order to increase its aerodynamics. The car also has some cool other features including LED screen panels located on both the front and rear of the car that act as licence plates, an automatic door opening system, and side cameras that replace conventional side mirrors.

We’re not sure if the concept will ever make it to the streets, but expect to see some of these future-forward technologies trickle down to consumer cars in the coming year.s

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Via Green Optimistic