There was a time when personal care products came directly from the land, without chemicals or scientific labs. That’s not to say science is bad by any means. In fact, it’s incredibly helpful when it results in the development of everyday beauty products sourced from plants while still being effective for the consumer. This is I-N Beauty’s mission.

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I-N Beauty has ‘planted’ its business in both science and plants, and the innovations have led to a line of natural skincare, body and hair products. The foundation of the products comes from some scientific experimentation with over 225 ingredients sourced from seeds, the sea, plants and fruits. The entire product line is cruelty-free with no animal ingredients and is responsibly produced to minimize the impact on the environment. The company said, “We’re as obsessed with performance as we are with protecting the planet.”

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blue shampoo and conditioner bottles
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With that in mind, each product is proudly labeled with the ingredients and an explanation of their science-based functions. Plant materials are meticulously sourced using natural and organic options. Organic ratings are certified by a third party for transparency. Even the scents are plant-based, with 99% coming from certified-organic essential oils. The products are void of commonly controversial ingredients like parabens, harsh chemical sulfates, non-biodegradable silicones or aerosols.

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gray, blue and pink shampoo and conditioner bottles

With a mission toward “meticulous selection of plant-derived, clinically proven, active ingredients [that] are always cruelty-free and responsibly produced,” it makes sense the company also aspires to make all packaging recyclable, too. The owners explained, “I-N is rooted in our love for plants and for the planet. We believe the only right and sensible solution to so many global problems is to embrace earth conscious, sustainable alternatives and plant-based over petroleum (and other synthetic or pseudo-natural) ingredients.”

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This family business is multigenerational, starting with a grandmother who was an herbalist, and Horst, the son who started his career as a stylist at age 14, later studying Ayurveda and its holistic healing methods. These experiences led him to launch an iconic brand in the natural beauty industry, Aveda. I-N Beauty was born in 2008 following the sale of Aveda, when Horst’s daughter, Nicole Rechelbacher, and co-owner Kiran Stordalen launched the world’s first USDA-certified organic haircare line.

The I-N Beauty team carries on with Horst’s philosophy that, “What’s good for the earth is good for us. With advances in plant chemistry, there’s simply no reason to make products any other way.” 

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