Israeli industrial designer Antonina sees old defunct washing machines as more than just outdated appliances – she uses them as building blocks to create some pretty spiffy furniture. Her project “I Used to Be a Washing Machine” shows how the parts of just one machine can be transformed into three different stylish chairs. The designer has even included a set of DIY instructions, so that handy homeowners can try their hand at turning yesterday’s laundry set into today’s living room furniture.

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Antonina’s adorable stop-animation Youtube video shows the parts of an old washing machine dancing around, slowing removing piece by piece and neatly stacking them onto an adjacent shelf. The designer gives new meaning to the spin cycle, transforming the familiar cylindrical washing basket into a stylish DrammStool, with the basket acting as the chair’s retro-metallic base.

The white metal frame of the washing machine itself is turned onto its side, becoming a spacious throne like recycled seat. The white frame cradles added cushions, making the cozy Buddy Armchair. The circular top frame of the machine, as well as some inner working hardware, can be flipped to make the Dorry Chair, with the circle frame as a decorative back piece that holds an added cushion.

Although extra parts are required to make the set of chairs, Antonina’s DIY projects are fun and realistic, repurposing a familiar appliance and the industrial parts of a washing machine that actually look like high design.

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