A concept for encouraging the reuse of cardboard boxes, the Box Table is assembled from a pre-printed box with only a few simple cuts and folds. Gonsher writes, “By creating an incentive for reusability, there are obvious ecological benefits as well as greater product desirability with little extra cost.”

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It’s like the grown up’s version of the forts my brother and I would build out of a cast-off appliance boxes when we were kids.

It also seems that this approach would be perfect for shipping/moving boxes. Imagine a suite of cartons ready to fashion into different furnishings? Dispatch your wares cross-country and after unpacking you could furnish your home at one fell swoop! Or, at least have somewhere to rest your coffee mug until you invest in something a little more permanent…

It should be noted thatIan Gonsherwas previously recognized by ID Magazine’s Student Design Review for his clever collapsible fruit bowl made from a single piece of laser-cut wood.

We can’t wait to see what else Ian comes up with — or for these pieces to go into production. (Sadly, all appear to still be in prototype.)

Via Core 77