iPhone users aren’t exactly at a loss when looking for a place to dock their phones these days. But even in a market that’s flooded with a myriad docking and music amplification systems, the iBamboo Speaker by designer Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree manages to separate itself from the pack. The simple-yet-chic design consists of a single piece of bamboo — one of the world’s greenest natural materials — with a slot cut into it where the iPhone is placed. The natural shape of the speaker amplifies the tunes, producing a pseudo-stereo effect that requires no electricity.

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This isn’t the first electricity-free iPhone speaker we’ve encountered, but the iBamboo has some notable advantages over the competition. The one-foot-long bamboo tube is lightweight and durable, and because it’s made from natural material, no two speakers will be identical. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, and it produces more oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees.

Earlier this year, Omelchenko told Gizmag that in response to requests for plastic versions of the iBamboo Speaker he was working on prototyping a new version of the speaker that’s made from recycled plastic. The iBamboo Urban design is shaped exactly like the natural bamboo version, and it’s reportedly even more durable. Unlike the original iBamboo speaker, which adds warmth to music and is good for listening to jazz and folk music, Omelchenko tells Gizmagthe that the Urban design has a crisper sound. According to the iBamboo website, the original iBamboo design is currently out of stock, and once it hits the market, the recycled plastic version will retail for $30.

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