While rapper Ice Cube is certainly known for his lyrical stylings, what you may not know is that he studied architectural drafting before he got big. He also has a deep appreciation for design – and he shows off his love in a new ad about art in LA for the Pacific Standard Time. Here, Ice Cube rhapsodizes and pays tribute to midcentury design icons Charles and Ray Eames. After listing off some of his favorite buildings in LA, Ice Cube tours the Eames house and tells us why loves it so much – the Eames were resourceful, the house was built in two days, has prefabricated walls, and creates connections with nature. “This was going green 1949-style, bitch. Believe that.” The quotes are amazing – each sentence is worthy of repetition and it’s sure to brighten your day – it certainly brightened ours.

+ Pacific Standard Time

Thanks for the tip Caitlyn Ko!