We’ve shown you lots of inspired eco takes on the traditional Christmas tree this holiday season, but this one takes the cake! This gorgeous “Ice Tree” sculpture is made from 300 recycled water bottles suspended in the air. Created by graphic design studio Paprika, the provocative installation is hanging in the window of Montreal’s furniture store Domison throughout the holidays. We love how the inspired sculpture casts and reflects beams of light, creating an eye-catching display that raises awareness of the possibilities of recycling.

Every year debate rages over the best way to green your christmas tree, and this holiday season we’ve covered several great eco-friendly options, from recycled cardboard evergreens to beautiful CNC Milled trees. We were thoroughly impressed by Paprika‘s inspired reuse of mineral water bottles. What creative solutions for a greener christmas have you spotted this year?

+ Paprika

+ Domison

Via DesignSponge and Designboom