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Melnyk designed Ice Womb’s exterior to harmonize with the natural magic of the winter landscape. The glistening façade mirrors the snow and ice of the frozen lake or pond it is placed near, extending the winter wonderland created after a crisp snowfall. From afar the cold weather respite can blend seamlessly into the winterscape, appearing as an oasis when skaters get closer to the structure.

After a few spins around the ice, skaters can take a breather and warm up their noses in the comfort of Ice Womb. Contrasting from the frozen scenery outside, the glowing womb is cozy and inviting. A red cavern like space welcomes visitors through entrances on all sides of the cubes. Inside, skaters can take a rest and lounge in different cut outs in the plush red interior. Areas for standing, sitting, lounging and reclining are created on each of the four facades, and connect in the interior.

Plush red pillows line each area of the interior, creating a supported and comfy place to sit with friends before taking to the ice again. Melnyk’s Ice Womb is a pop up warming hut that could bring warmth to frozen waters in any region.

+ Virginia Melnyk

Via Archinect