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The ice truck started off its journey in Texas where the frame originated. In the lone star state Bronson Automotive stripped the cab and body before lowering the engine bay’s height and width. The truck was then shipped over to Ontario, Canada to receive its custom made steel frame from Pick Me Productions, which supports the ice chassis. Finally Iceculture built three full-scale ice truck shells using a CNC machine to cut the ice pieces and water to weld the slabs together.

Another big challenge included modifying the ice truck to be roadworthy with all the added weight whilst making sure it did not just melt after rolling off the lot. To this end, the teams added additional fans to blow the engine heat away from the frozen body. The entire exercise was done as part of a promotional stunt to show Canadian Tire’s MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra batteries work even in the extreme cold. The ice truck was also featured in a commercial that will air during the frozen outdoor NHL Hockey Classic on New Year’s Day.

After the video shoot, the final truck was disassembled at Iceculture’s studios in Hensall, Ontario. After arriving, the team reassembled the vehicle for a mile long drive as an attempt to set a new category in the Guinness World Records. Following the short jaunt, the truck was left to melt over the course of 40 hours, which again, was all caught on video.

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