Turn your garbage into something useful with Nick DeMarco inflatable garbage sofa chair. The more trash and recyclables you can stuff into this clever chair – the more puffy and comfortable it becomes. A California College of the Arts student, Nick DeMarco exhibited his ‘XS Chair’ at ICFF this weekend. Industrial plastic sheeting filled with Oakland’s excess garbage and recyclables turns into an overstuffed sofa chair giving reuse and recycling a new face. DeMarco’s XS Chair is a part of ‘Sustainable Design for Mass Production’ presented by CCA, a exhibition of eco-chair designs and environmentally-minded ideas.

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CCA is one of only four schools selected to exhibit at ICFF this year. The ICFF annually invites the world’s leading design academies to a juried competition of student-designed products and prototyes as well as provides them with an internationally recognized platform for emerging design. Along with CCA, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), School of Visual Arts (SVA), and Yale University were also invited to attend.

The CCA Musical Chairs exhibit, which includes Demarco’s design, evolved from the “Sustainable Furniture” course at CCA. Sponsored by Wal-Mart and Bevara Design House, the class was structured around two purposes. First, students were challenged to create furniture that addressed environmental, economical and functional concerns. The second challenge was to assess the design’s marketability.

More on the Musical Chairs, including a video, is available at the Bevara Design House website.

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