How will cars look in the future? No one is quite sure, but with the upcoming arrival of self-driving cars, the potential for wild new ideas is greater than ever before. Design firm IDEO has put together their vision of the “Future of Automobility,” which looks at how self-driving cars will impact the design of vehicles over the next 15 years.

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IDEO’s proposal looks at how urban life could be forever changed with the arrival of self-driving cars and how they will “unlock a new wave of efficiency, convenience, and urban growth.” IDEO has created a series of concepts with three visions of the future of autonomous vehicles that range from autonomous delivery vehicles to work pods on wheels.

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“As we move from struggling with today’s inefficient relationship between cars and infrastructure to one empowered by automobility, new capacities and better use of our existing resources will emerge. Daily commutes will improve in ways that allow us to accomplish so much more, making the slow seem fast.”

IDEO’s imagined future will see the arrival of autonomous vehicles that will plan your destination and also interact with other vehicles on the road. Once en route your autonomous vehicle will join other cars in a synchronized line with each vehicle accelerating and slowing in line with each other to save time and fuel. Delivery vehicles will also change with the IDEO’s Cody concept that is a 21st century self-driving truck that manage deliveries with up-to-the-minute arrival estimates.

Today people spend countless hours commuting to their offices, but autonomous vehicles could also make the work place more mobile. IDEO’s third concept looks at a work place on wheels. Instead of a stationary office like today, the future could see the creation of a self-driving work space that comes to you.