For global travelers who can’t survive without their personal electronics, there is now an eco-friendly and convenient solution to minimizing their energy consumption while on the go. iGo, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company known for their innovative and supremely efficient power management devices, has recently unveiled a new portable eco-friendly charger that literally brings the outlet directly to the traveler. This is just one of a wide range of products that iGo provides to offer conscious consumers smarter, more efficient power management solutions.

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iGo’s travel-friendly wall charger is compatible with almost every mobile and gaming electronic device on the market – that has an internal battery, allowing devices to be charged in any location, with or without an outlet. Using this one iGo charger with iGo power tips or USB charging cables instead of multiple chargers, saves money and produces less waste.

Beyond this latest product, all eco-friendly iGo Green Technology products are designed to automatically detect when a device is not in use and shut off power drawn from the wall, eliminating wasted energy that is drawn by from devices and chargers, a phenomenon known creepily as vampire energy consumption. When iGo power managers detect that the attached device or charger needs power again, they turn back on.

With eco-friendly and energy-efficient charging options like these it’s possible to power up your favorite devices while minimizing your monthly energy consumption.

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