Is the fully automated iHome of the future on the horizon? It just might be – Apple recently filed a patent for a new intelligent home automation ecosystem that could seamlessly connect all the gadgets in your house. The system could connect to your phone using GPS technology to detect when you come and go, automatically activating and deactivating lights and appliances to improve energy efficiency.

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Apple’s iHome would use location and movement data from iPhone and Mac hardware to anticipate occupants’ upcoming movements and provide an intelligent reaction. Every entertainment device, temperature and lighting control, telephone, and appliance in a home could be connected to a central hub device. The system could predict when you come home from work and turn on exterior and interior lights and adjust the thermostat. Once inside, residents could find a welcoming environment with the TV turned on to their favorite tv show, the scent of fresh coffee brewing and the dull hum of the washing machine.

Of course, similar home automation systems already exist and have seen modest success. Devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and Philips’ Hue lighting system have opened the market for related products. However Apple’s lock on the app market could be the propelling thrust behind the company’s new foray into the home automation market. The unchartered territory of the home app market could be quite lucrative for the massive tech giant.

Via Fast Company