Ikea has long been recognized for its adoption of sustainable practices, from investment in renewable energy to their participation in the American Forests plant-a-tree program, and today the company has unveiled what might be its most ambitious initiative to date. The Swedish furniture manufacturer has stated that it plans to not only transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2020, but it will also plant more trees than it uses in production. IKEA also aims to limit sales to energy-efficient products like LED bulbs, refrigerators and induction stoves.

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By investing in additional solar and wind energy, IKEA plans to produce as much energy as it consumes. IKEA currently owns extensive wind farms and solar panels, which currently account for 27% of the company’s energy use. IKEA plans to increase this number to 70% by 2016 and to 100% by 2020.

IKEA currently refrains from using trees grown in tropical forests, which are essential to the planet and are rapidly depleting. To supplement this, IKEA plans to plant as many trees as it uses each year to create its products. The new plan will require an initial investment of nearly 2 billion dollars

Dubbed the People and Planet Positive strategy, the initiative is not only expected to have a positive impact on the environment but to save the company and consumers money, a model that may just motivate other businesses to jump on the sustainability track. “This will be a great driver of innovation,” said Mikael Ohlsson, president of IKEA.

Via Reuters

Images © Michael Ely and Jonathan Thacker