Swedish furniture giant IKEA announced today that it’s joined forces with Stockholm-based wind power company O2 to build a nine-turbine wind farm that will power 17 of their stores in Sweden. The wind farm is expected to be completed in 2012 and will be located in the Swedish province of Dalarna.

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A wind park in Sweden gives us a long-term source for renewable energy,” said Peter Agnefjaell, head of Ikea Svenska Foersaeljnings AB, in the statement. “It also gives us the possibility to transfer the financial benefit of electricity from our own wind power park to lower prices which will benefit our customers.” Energy from the wind turbines won’t directly power the stores but will be fed to the grid and will approximately equal what 17 of their stores use on a regular basis.

IKEA already owns about 52 wind turbines in France and Germany that provide about 10 percent of their power needs. The company has noted that they are interested in expanding to other wind markets to meet their eventual goal of running on 100% renewable energy. A spokesperson for the Swedish project said that total output of the new wind farm will be about 70 gigawatt-hours a year.

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