IKEA, famed Swedish retailer after our own hearts, is taking a giant leap forward in the sustainability department. The chain has announced its goal to be “all in” to have a net positive impact on the environment with a multi-pronged strategy of renewable energy investments, energy efficiency techniques, emissions reductions in the supply chain. The company will even redesign some products to encourage more eco-friendly behaviors in its customers. The retailer’s efforts earned the company a 2016 Guardian Sustainable Business Award in the net positive category.

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Inspired by the COP21 climate agreement last December, IKEA sunk a ton of money into renewable energy projects outside its business operations as well. The company pledged a $670 million investment in renewable energy projects in advance of the international climate agreement, which added to previous investments of $1.67 billion cash investments and another $446 million to protect communities at risk from the effects of climate change.

Via The Guardian

Images via IKEA