Housewares mega-retailer IKEA has announced that it will stop selling traditional incandescent light bulbs in its U.S. stores effective January 1, 2011. This fall, IKEA will introduce a “retro-fit” halogen bulb that fits in a conventional socket and produces warm light with a third less electricity.

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Despite dramatic energy savings, CFLs and LED bulbs have had a hard time carving out market share, even as their quality of light has improved, simply because they cost more at the checkout counter. “By only putting good options on the shelf, retailers can make it easy for customers to do the right thing,” said Jason Clay, Senior Vice President of Markets at World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

IKEA’s press release also points to its solar-powered lighting alternatives, which include the SUNNAN desk lamp and the SOLIG range of outdoor lights.

Although the Swedish company is notorious for making tons of stuff that doesn’t last, its sustainability efforts are the real deal. It uses sustainably forested wood, and was a leader in offering in-store safe disposal of mercury-containing CFL bulbs. Its current effort puts it two years ahead of the federal government, which will begin phasing out incandescent bulbs in 2012. The energy sucking bulbs are already banned in Europe.


Via New York Times