Everyone’s favorite Swedish flat-park furniture line has been the butt of many a joke for years; baffling cartoon assembly instructions, crazy tools, and missing screws, nuts and various bolts. But now IKEA has unveiled a line that might just do away with all those frustrations—living room furniture held together with dowels that snap together without the use of a single tool. Hit the jump to see a video of the tool-free assembly in action.

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The REGISSÖR line will hit stores later this month, and will include all living room essentials that don’t need to support too much weight—that is, bookcases, cabinets and a coffee table. The wedge dowels will be pre-fitted into the assembly pieces, so the furniture can be snapped together with one’s bare hands right out of the box, providing what is, in theory, a no fuss, no frustration, no-missing-parts flat-pack furniture assembly experience.


Via Gizmodo