Now there’s no excuse not to bring solar power into your life – in just a few weeks IKEA will be stocking their shelves with a new line of solar-powered summer night lighting! Dubbed SOLIG, the collection ranges from the practical to the decorative and features energy-efficient LED bulbs. Best of all, these new lamps are not only fun, funky, and earth-friendly — they’re affordable as well!

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All SOLIG lighting will feature solar cells able to transform sunlight into illuminating electricity. Each lighting fixture has been fashioned with LED bulbs that reduce their energy consumption by 70 percent while increasing bulb life at least four times longer than an incandescent bulb. The lamps also emulate popular IKEA designs, so there’s no need to fret over clashing décor.

Priced from $9.99 for a solar powered light tube to $39.99 for a solar powered floor lamp, these pieces definitely won’t break the bank, and they’re sure to provide wonderful outdoor ambiance while keeping your electricity meter low.