Spring is slowly emerging and we are dreaming of outdoor barbecues and parties on the deck. We have a couple of solar powered lanterns along the pathway, but we have been waiting for some lights with a little more pizazz. Last year we were excited to hear that Ikea would be stocking solar products, and now the first products are about to hit the market! These hip little lights are exactly what you need to brighten your outdoor spaces this summer.

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Powered by the sun, Ikea’s lights store the power in replaceable and rechargeable batteries. The lights themselves are all LEDs, which consume 70% less energy and last up to 4 times as long as regular bulbs. The beauty of outdoor solar powered lights is that you don’t have to bury any electric lines or run outlets through the yard. Not only do they reduce your electric demand, but they are just practical and handy. You can take them with you on camping trips, bring them to you neighbor’s party or even use them indoors.

Rechargable Table Lanterns – Not solar powered, but cute.

Unfortunately you can’t buy them online yet, but you can view them here, and hopefully your local Ikea will have them in stock in the next 2 weeks. Prices are totally reasonable as all Ikea products are, so buy yours quickly as they are expected to sell out. There are outdoor posts, strings of paper lanterns, accent lighting, pathway globes, even a solar powered desk lamp. The cute table lanterns aren’t solar powered, but are rechargeable. We like the vintage 1970’s feel of the designs and think these are going to be a big hit.

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