What do you do when you have a room that needs a side table, and an accent lamp? Look to Rotoluxe, a company that makes sustainably, eco-friendly illuminated tables and planters. Their glowing pieces come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are made exclusively from recycled plastics!

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Made from recycled materials, Rotoluxe’s pieces are a mixture of left over plastic shavings, manufacturer’s cut-away waste, plastic bottles and other post-consumer plastics — including their own leftovers. Every piece of waste plastic is shredded and melted down to make the next piece. The resulting furniture is smooth, continuous in tone and full of possibility.

Adding CFL/LED lighting to the recycled components, the Rotoluxe stools, benches, tables and planters then sustainably illuminate a warm glow. Coming in a variety of colors, the planters can be used inside or out, functioning as a front porch lamp or to illuminate a backyard.

Rotoluxe has been committed to eco-conscious design for the last ten years, joining high-end design and sustainability. Each product is made with the least amount of waste possible and are formed with 25% to an impressive 100% recycled plastics, depending on the color chosen.

The Rotoluxe pieces can even berecycled themselves (not that you’d want to get rid of them!). Their impressive products are a true testament to their motto, “Going green doesn’t mean you have to compromise design.”

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