If we want to make lighting more efficient, perhaps we should start from the beginning: with the shape of the light bulb. Illumitex, a startup based in Austin, Texas, manufactures square LED bulbs that are supposedly cheaper, more efficient and more practical than typical round bulbs.

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Illumitex’s bulb consists of multiple individual reflector units that direct light straight ahead — so a four by four grid of lights produces a square beam that is actually made up of 16 tiny beams.

The bulb’s lumens can, according to Illumitex, hit 80% of the area needed by office workers, compared to 31.5% from standard round bulbs. Greentech Media explains, “Overall, a 16-LED package from Illumitex will put out 500 lumens. That’s less than the total lumens produced by a 60-watt bulb, which is usually close to 900. But the directional nature of the light makes up the difference, says Thomas. The 500-lumen array consumes 6.5 watts.”

Cost is still an issue, however. While LEDs may pay off in the long run, CFL bulbs are still cheaper upfront. But if Illumitex’s bulbs perform as well as the company claims, square bulbs may start to make their way into the mainstream.

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Via Greentech Media