Elecrolux Design Lab is currently accepting submissions for their 2005 student design competition, held this year in partnership with designboom . The theme of this year’s competition is “Imagine the Home in 2020,” and calls for appliance designs to suit the home of the [nearish] future.

Elecrolux Design Lab is an offshoot of the Swedish electrical appliance company Electrolux. For the past three years, Electrolux has sponsored the competition, which challenges students to envision the ideal appliance of the future. The projected year has grown progressively more distant?In 2003, it was 2010; last year, 2015, and this year we’ve jumped to 2020.

The 2005 Design Lab Competition is open to registered university students from anywhere in the world. The competition asks, “How will we live? Entertain our guests? Clean house? Store food? Cook?” Two categories, Scenario and Product, offer different approaches to answering the questions, allowing entrants who may not be product designers to create a more “ambient” picture of a future home life.

Twelve students will be selected to attend Future Design Days in Stockholm this November, where winning entries will be announced. Registration ends September 15, 2005. Details and registration information can be found at designboom.