As buildable land becomes increasingly scarce, long-standing yacht company Stephens Waring Design has developed a new design concept called OASys (Ocean Architectural System), which could be the answer for coastline challenges like animal habitat conservation, erosion and lack of suitable development space. 

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An aerial view of a developed coastal area.

The project is called IMMERST, and it’s a floating development suitable for hotels, resorts or residential homes. The modular design can cater to innumerable locations and lodging styles.

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A floating two-level home.

“We’ve applied our 40 years of custom yacht design and engineering experience to create a design-planning model built around the cutting edge of sustainability, renewable materials, and advanced manufacturing. While our designs are built for long-term operational success in some of the most challenging environments including oceans, lakes, rivers, and beaches, we’ve also created something that’s exciting, fun, and luxurious,” said lead designer Paul Waring. 

A floating two-level home.

Looking up and down coastlines with a new perspective opens up the possibilities for endless marine development. Moving IMMERST buildings onto the water not only provides solutions for land-based problems but is a system capable of connecting to the mainland utility grid for convenience and efficiency. 

An aerial view of a developed coastal area.

The concept is versatile for use as several single units or clustered larger units that can be anchored to docks or the ocean floor. They can be temporary or more permanent. This minimal site impact means the units won’t harm the ecology of the coastline soil or marine environment. It also provides for easy expansion or mobility to a new location if required. 

In addition to easily transported and customizable designs, these resorts, homes and activities located on the water are naturally soothing. “When you walk onto an OASys floating community, life is less complicated. You immediately forget about the pressures and the distractions that we all face because you’re surrounded by the environment and connected to the water’s edge,” said Waring. 

An aerial view of a developed coastal area.

In a press release, the company stated, “All OASys designs are integrated into modular foundations, pre-fabricated through the firm’s network of builders/contractors or constructed onsite making fabrication and delivery viable for locations around the globe.”

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Images via Stephens Waring Design