Tesla’s been fighting for the right to do business in a number of states recently, but the electric car maker has gained some footing in Maryland, thanks to an unusual ally. The Maryland Automobile Dealers Association, which is essentially a collection of Tesla’s competitors in the state, has supported a measure to allow Tesla to continue their direct sales model without relying on a third-party dealership. Like many states, Maryland has laws that bar car makers from selling directly to the public, and those laws help dealerships take a slice out of the auto-buying business. In states where Tesla has won the ability to continue their sales, new legislation has been enacted to create an exception for electric car makers like Tesla, typically with a few caveats. In Maryland, a similar bill has already passed the state’s house and senate, and Governor Larry Hogan could sign it into law as soon as April 28. Having the backing of the largest dealership association in the state won’t hurt Tesla’s odds of getting their cars on the road in Maryland.

Via Autoblog

Image via Tesla Motors