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Tractors touted to be zero-emission and powered by on-site energy methods rove the field, simultaneously demonstrating the efficacy of this advanced technology and the possibilities for future farming practices. Underneath the display, the designers have created an exhibit of video installations and “augmented reality” which speak to the larger picture: self-sufficient farms “free from the constraints of fossil fuels.” An additional impression from the presentation is the reassurance that the pavilion has been built using sustainable methods and will be disassembled and repurposed after the conclusion of the expo.

While all of these details are promising for the future of farming, there are some who are displeased with the arrival of the expo. Hundreds of protesters have begun assembling in Milan already, verbalizing their distaste for what they see as the real purpose of the event: corporate greed. The No Expo movement cites concerns ranging from exploitation of free labor and hypocritical use of land which was originally agricultural terrain. As time goes on, we will see how the reaction to the expo unfolds and if the presentations are more deserving of commendation or condemnation.

+ Carlo Ratti

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Images via Mike Chino for Inhabitat