Though we miss the excitement and camaraderie of the World Cup that took place in these stunning green stadiums this past summer, we don’t really miss the low drone of thousands of vuvuzelas on every television. These plastic horns were once the topic of many the heated conversations, but as of late, and despite all the bellyaching, it turns out they have a use outside all of those soccer matches — they can be recycled into a host of amazing things! WoZela! is a recent competition where individuals were asked to send in their ideas for the recycling of vuvuzelas. The winner has just been announced and this colorful pair of circular earrings has proven to be a crowd favorite!

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The contest tagline is, “make a difference, not just a noise,” and all of the designs submitted have done just that. Now that the contest has wrapped, the organizers envision that local artisans can recreate all the designs and sell them to benefit the community. Other bright ideas that came out of the competition are a table, a light fixture, a pot for plants and a vuvu shovel. One inventive participant simply cut holes in his vuvuzela and then played it as a trumpet, making multiple notes instead of just the characteristic singular drone.

The contest was organized by Matt Blitz and Shaun McCormack — the two gentlemen hated vuvuzelas before the World Cup matches even began. Once the games started they told the Associated Press that they fell in love with them, stating, “instead of eradicating them it became a way to extend the life of vuvuzelas and keep them from landfills.” The recycled entries were chosen by a panel of seven judges, where Cape Town’s Megan Bernstein’s earrings — made from cross sections of the horns — were the favorite of five of the seven judges.

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