In2Green is the brainchild and merger between founders Stefanie Zeldin and Lori Slater, lifelong environmental thinkers. The company’s throws, apparel and interior design items are made from recycled materials and produced in the United States.

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The varied and interesting selection of throws are made from T-shirt fabrics that have been converted into yarn. The process also reduces landfill waste and uses no additional dyes or chemicals. Another line of indoor/outdoor throws are made from 100% recycled polyester, with each throw representing 78 post-consumer plastic bottles.  

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Additionally, the company is based in New York where it collaborates with local designers and knitters to keep production close to the main office. 

Pine tree bedding

The project got its start in 2006, when Zeldin and Slater partnered their shared passion for green design. Sustainable action is as much an inheritance as a passion for Zeldin, whose family owned a recycling business that emphasized solutions for textile waste. As a designer, Slater turned towards sustainable solutions after becoming frustrated by the lack of environmentally-friendly options in home furnishings. The two partnered, dedicated to finding alternatives to virgin materials that produced quality, durable, long-lasting, fade-resistant results.  

Buck pattern blanket by In2green

Over the years, In2green has experimented with recycled cotton and polyester blend yarn. The company explains, “Later, efforts to make a 100% recycled polyester graphic throw for the outdoor market proved successful enough that In2Green was recognized with the Icon Honor and numerous gift and hospitality industry awards.” 

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Meanwhile, the line of throws covers themes for every interest, from the red, white and blue of the USA to holiday prints, wildlife, forest, plants, landscape and geometric designs. There are also ponchos, pillows, tablecloths and more. Furthermore, all products are made primarily from natural wool, recycled polyester and recycled cotton. 

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In addition to selling directly to the public, In2Green partners with eco-hotels to replace linens that require virgin materials. It also partners with elder care homes, homeless shelters and refugee relocation programs, Homes Not Borders, Afya, Project Home and others to provide help in emergency situations. 

In2Green recognizes polyester can shed microplastics in the laundry and recommends using a wash bag to capture shed materials.

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