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Edoardo Tressoldi, Incipit, Incipit by Edoardo Tressoldi, Meeting del Mare, Camerota, Italy, sculpture, Simone Pallota, Antonio East, art installation, site-specific, Tyrrhenian Sea, wire mesh, wire mesh sculpture

Incipit is a site-specific installation built adjacent to the Tyrrhenian Sea so that viewers can see through the wire mesh sculpture and out towards the expansive sea and sky beyond. The landscape and the light are treated as integral components of the sculpture. The large-scale piece also invites interaction, and passersby can walk beneath the arches to take in different views.

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The sculpture was created in collaboration with the Inicipit arts collective and was curated by Simone Pallota and Antonio East. Each piece of the installation was painstakingly put together by hand, from clipping the metal meshes to size to zip-tying and weaving the meshes together into the final shape. The “building blocks” were then assembled onsite over the span of a few days.

+ Edoardo Tresoldi

Images via Meeting del Mare