Vancouver-based design firm Green over Grey just completed work on North America’s largest green wall. Located in Surrey, British Columbia, this 10,150-square-foot double-sided green wall comprises 50,000 individual plants, most of which are native to British Columbia. The award-winning “Mountains & Trees, Waves & Pebbles” living wall project is fully hydroponic and created with 100 percent synthetic recycled materials.

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Completed in June, 2013 as part of the LEED Gold-seeking Guildford Town development, this living green wall is the first and only green wall on the continent to be built on an overpass stretching above a busy road. The double-sided green wall receives both east and west exposure and serves as a carbon sink equivalent to approximately 47 medium-sized trees. Maintenance and pruning are performed on a custom engineered rolling platform that does not require road closure. The living wall is hooked up to an automatic drip irrigation system.

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Mike Weinmaster, chief designer at Green over Grey and the artist behind the wall’s curvaceous plant patterns, drew inspiration for the living wall’s layout from the mountainous and lushly forested British Columbia landscape. The east face of the green wall that lies in the direction of the coast comprises patterns representative of waves and pebbles. In contrast, the west side of the wall that faces inland consists of a design symbolic of mountains and forests. Planted with 120 unique plant species, this green wall is also one of the most biologically diverse living walls in North America.

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