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The designers created an entire office space by carefully cutting and folding sheets of 15 mm honeycomb cardboard. The area includes desks, tables, bookshelves, columns, stairs, and even rooms made out of the material. Each piece is structurally stable, and if for any reason a tabletop gets damaged, a new one is cheap and can be easily cut to size, replacing the old one.

Eindhoven Design Academy graduate Coen Danckmer Voordouw was involved in the design and the execution of the project — we’ve featured his work before in the form of his COOLS kit.

The office’s signature style is timeless and classic, and it was modeled after van Bleiswijk’s “no glue, no screw” design ethos, where the form follows function and only the most basic elements remain. Van Bleiswijk’s design work draws inspiration from historic industrial design objects that have been forgotten, like the writing desk, the standing clock, the hourglass, and even the chessboard. The end result is a sustainable, versatile and timeless body of work that will never go out of fashion.

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