When newspapers began printing color graphs, it was a revelation – color and form, shade and nuance, these small adjustments made the information more digestible. Now artist Nathalie Miebach has created an incredible new way to interpret weather data. Based in Cape Cod, Miebach collects information from outdoor locations and transforms the data into wild, woven baskets. But these aren’t just beads, reeds and sticks, they’re a collage of elements speaking to the higher senses – cloud covers, water currents and smells. Read on for a deeper analysis of these creative weavings.

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Miebach has established her own methods and devices for data gathering, but theartistnever compromises the numbers for a specific aesthetic effect. “By staying true to the numbers, these woven pieces tread an uneasy divide between functioning both as sculptures in space as well as instruments that could be used in the actual environment from which the data originates,” she writes in her artists’ statement. And for folks curious about the complex formula, each of her sculptures comes accompanied with a data key.

Miebach’s basket-weaving project has been changing with the weather, and the artist has begun collecting data from specific ecosystems in the hope of gaining a greater perspective on climate change. Let’s hope that her resulting baskets are prettier than the numbers.

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