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To symbolize the global network of digital fabricators, the design of the Endesa World Fab Condenser is based on a Dymaxion world map, a flattened projection of Earth created by Buckminster Fuller. The pavilion is thus made out of 20 triangular components, each fabricated with CNC machines and then folded together into a textile igloo. Using an algorithm that was created in two months, the initial icosaedron shape was modified to maximize natural ventilation and minimize solar heat gain.

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Constructed from OSB wood and linen, the pavilion was prefabricated in just five days and assembled in four. Inside, the perforated wooden floor promotes airflow and the raised contour-like seating make the space conducive to social gatherings. The sail-like linen skin allows natural light to filter into the space during the day and transforms the pavilion into a glowing lantern-like structure at night. A small wooden deck also surrounds the pavilion.

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Images by Adriá Goula