The digital age has made paper ledgers go the way of . . . notaries. Still, remnants of our paper-bound, yellow-gridded past persist. Jill Sylvia has decided to rejuvenate ledger paper — not by recording all of her transactions by hand — but by transforming simple sheets of paper into intricate models and buildings. Read on to learn more about this geometric metropolis . .

sustainable design, green design, eco art, Jill Sylvia, ledger paper, papercut art

Sylvia created the buildings by cutting the negative space out of each paper grid. She then joins the paper into detailed columns, walls, archways and domes. So far, she’s created a model of the American Treasury and the White House, among others. It’s striking the way the grid patterns resemble skyscraper windows. Almost as if bookkeeping dictated architecture, or vise versa. Now all these buildings need are some paper solar panels and they’re set.

+ Jill Sylvia