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The Spacebuster was designed to create an indoor interior space just about anywhere, without the need for building a framework or other structural pieces that would take time assembling and disassembling. Not only does the piece create a pavilion on the spot, but also saves transportation energy and costs, since little is needed to set up the tent-like interior.

Outside the mobile pavilion, the Spacebuster appears like a parasite off of its host truck. The giant transparent plastic bubble moves gently with the wind and movement from the visitors inside, whose fuzzy outlines are visible through the thick plastic. The dome-like shape stays inflated by an interior compressor, and extends and adjusts to the shape of its surroundings. The bubble was fully extended in the openness of the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, welcoming its entire capacity maximum of 80 people.

The pavilion can be inflated just about anywhere the host truck can drive- under a bridge, in a park, a wooded area or even inside another structure. For  this year’s Ideas City Festival, Spacebuster hosted a series of performances on “Nothingness,” which included the inflation of an endless spool of plastic, which slowly began to fill the dome with thick tubes as the coil of plastic was unrolled- to the delight of the children inside.

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