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Drawing upon his expertise, McNaught accomplished a near-impossible feat: building agiant oval shape out of Lego square bricks. Half of the structure is represented in its original splendor, with Roman soldiers stationed outside and a beautiful Lego “fountain” in the outside courtyard. The perfection bleeds into the current state of the landmark, with Lego pieces missing in scattered places, representing the decay the building has faced over the past 2,000 years.

The same dichotomy is present inside, with half of the floor missing to reveal the hidden chambers below ground. The jagged Lego edges  replicate crumbling stones that lead to the basement and catacombs of the Colosseum. The right side shows gladiators in the throws of battle, with an audience of onlookers sitting on theLego stadium levels.  Roman soldiers line up in response to a leader with his horse. Under the floor, prisoners are tortured in the antechambers by spear-carrying soldiers.

Outside, modern day tourists sit aboard a bus bound for the Arch of Constantine. McNaught’s incredible feat of Lego architecture is the designer’s largest and most impressive to date. His museum-worthy Lego building will be on display until January of 2013.

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Via My Modern Met