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The deep seas are host to a vast number of extraordinary, completely alien creatures, ranging from the rare and somewhat terrifying Goblin Shark to 18-foot-long sea serpents—and those are just some of the ones we know about. While the oceans cover two-thirds of the planet’s surface, we have only explored some five percent of them, which means that there is almost literally a world of unknown sea creatures out there that we have yet to discover—and these extraordinarily beautiful, yet to be named creatures recently filmed off the coast of Puerto Rico are the most recent to be caught on camera for the first time.

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The team of scientists charting the waters off the coast of Puerto Rico are backed by the U.S. government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and are the first to explore that area at that depth. They kicked off their mission in April, and have been live-streaming the footage that their remotely operated vehicle (ROV) has captured at depths of up to 20,000 feet.

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According to Quartz, the team has seen “100 species of fish, 50 species of deepwater corals and hundreds of other invertebrates, many of which had never been seen in their natural habitat,” and have identified a new jellyfish—like creature called a ctenophore, and other new species that are yet to be named.

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